our Values

Beyond Metrics

We value achieving the results you are seeking and have state of the art business tools to measure this success, but not at the expense of the people.  We go beyond the metrics, crafting processes that align with your culture and tap into the collective wisdom of your system.  We start with the heart and balance with results.


Recognizing that all voices add value, we develop processes that lead to co-creation with those who are most impacted by the change you are seeking, whether it be your clients, your employees, your interest holders, or your community.  We know that the best outcomes are achieved when those with lived experience are co-creating with us.  We are always better together.


We value different perspectives and sources of knowledge.  Mosaics are what we are about.  We create processes that tap into the diversity of a system and allow many voices to be included.


We advocate for engagement.  We believe that the best and more sustainable outcomes are achieved when those with lived experience journey with you. 

Focus on Relationships

When we engage with you, your mission is at the heart of our work.  We take the time to get to know you, to build trust, to understand who you are and where you are going.  Working with you is not just another project for us, it is a commitment to doing greater good together.


We know that there are times when things will get tough, when there will be a need for course correction.  With patience and positivity, we will work with you to find the best way forward so you can achieve greater good.


When we engage with you, with your mission at the heart of our work, we stay open to what might be possible.  We dream with you and through agile and creative facilitation we help you be as bold and innovative as you are ready to be.