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To create greater good for our world by strengthening organizations, communities and systems to better serve their people

Beyond the Metrics to Create Greater Good

We have chosen the path of management consulting to help organizations and communities amplify their impact. We are living at a time where all sectors are facing unprecedented levels of change, increasing demands from government, interest holders and the general public all the while dealing with shrinking financial resources. As management consultants, we walk with you, strengthening your capacity to amplify the greater good you are being called to deliver.  Working with you is not just another project for us, it is a commitment to doing greater good together.

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Strategic Planning

Engaging leadership and stakeholders in a process of discussing vision, mission, values and priorities. How will the world be different because of our work? Then, developing a comprehensive plan to make it happen.

Organizational Development

As with every dynamic system, organizations live, breathe, change and need to be nurtured and stretched. Organizational Development is the process of enhancing capacity so that an organization can fully live out its mission, reach its goals and benefit its community.

Transition Planning

Transition planning captures the variety of changes organizations go through. These transitions happen as organizations welcome new leaders, restructure to align to strategy, as growth occurs or as they integrate with other organizations.

Program Evaluation

Organizations often grapple with the questions: What difference are we making? How are the lives of those who have used our services different because of what we have provided? How do we know if the way we are working is creating an impact on people’s lives? Program Evaluation is the systematic gathering, analysis and reporting of information to assist in decision-making.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Communities are learning that that pooling resources together and working collaboratively can bring about greater results, streamline services and use resources more effectively. Collaboration by its very nature, represent a sustained commitment to move forward together to reach a common goal.  The process of collaboration functions optimally when the process is facilitated and clear guidelines for the partnership are developed.

Mediation/Facilitated Conversation

Since the work of the Centre is based on a participatory, facilitative leadership approach, effective dialogue is fundamental to the work. All healthy relationships, at some point, experience conflict. The skills to handle tense situations, create a safe place to hold crucial conversations and assist people in moving forward are essential.

Community-Based Research

As part of effective research the Centre uses Participatory and Action Oriented Research to mobilize communities and organizations. Methodologies for both qualitative and quantitative research are used.

Communications Planning

All work at the Centre is backed by a strong Communications Plan which supports and assists in mobilizing action forward.

what our clients say

You have made this new language of organizations understandable and at a pace we can digest and I look forward to learning from you in the future.London Family Health Team
It is your work that has given us our strong foundation to build on. We’re so grateful.Street Level Women At Risk
Now getting into it more, I understand how much work this was in putting this together. Great organization of materials. I appreciate the structure & completeness of what you provided. It’s like a well laid out library.  Also reminds me of the great work that took place in that undertaking. You did a fabulous job of working with a very diverse group of people with some significant differences in orientation, goals, work styles, etc.Children’s Mental Health Amalgamation Process Thames Valley Area
Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you, and how many accolades are still coming in! You hit the ball out of the park! It was exactly what people needed to hear and experience. Thank you so much.St. Claire Catholic District School Board Administrators Retreat
Thanks so much for your work on this project. It was a lot of work in a very short time but you did a wonderful job and you were a pleasure to work with. I’m impressed with the high quality of your report, the professional way you facilitated the summit, and the thoroughness of your research. The final product was exactly what we were looking for – community-wide standards created with input from the community. I was very pleased with the high level of engagement at the summit. It’s the start of something good.  City of St. Thomas
I wanted to let you know I have been very impressed with your work with us – both the “content” of the work (very detailed, thoughtful and precise) and your attention to process and people. You have been an excellent guide through this process – fair and balanced. We have been very lucky to have you!CMHA Waterloo Wellington Dufferin

our clients

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