Session 8: Financial Accountability

What do I need to know about our budget?

As a new leader/manager, you may not have been previously exposed to organizational budgets. This session provides highlights of what you need to know to create and manage a budget. How do you set solid practices to ensure you are fiscally accountable? Even if you aren’t currently responsible for budgeting, how can you become more fiscally literate?

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Session Feedback

Session8: Reflection Questions:

  • Review the annual financial statements from your organization (or an organization in
    your sector that publicly posts their financial statements). What do you see in those
    financial statements that helps you understand the organization better?
  • What is a project or change that you would like to see your organization take on? Using
    the project financial tool, complete a financial analysis of the project. (use estimates and
    “rules of thumb” for numbers if you need to, it is more about practicing with the tool
    than coming up with the perfect “bottom line”, unless you are actually planning on
    proposing the project – in which case, the more accurate the better!)

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