SGYAIML ~ So glad you are in my life!

April 27, 2018 Blog

It helps now and then, to take a step back and realize that the vision of creating an equitable, just, loving world for all is a beautiful master plan that the universe holds and we are but tiny contributors – doing our best, in our small world, in our time, with our gifts and talents.  We wake every day, step-up to whatever the day holds for us and labour toward the co-creation of this vision.  At the core, this is what the Centre is about.  What a privilege to hold this vision and have nine years to co-create this world together.  We have been blessed to work alongside one another.

Anne-Marie you have stretched me, helped grow the Centre and brought your brilliance to every project we have done together.  As we step into this cross-road, I know we both grieve at the loss of the three-times-a-day calls, of dreaming new ways of bringing projects to fruition, of debriefing what we are learning, of how our hearts have been touched by the people with whom we have had the privilege of working, and of how our work has brought more light into the world – even if just a tiny sliver of it.  For all of this, I am forever grateful – what a gift to have had the time!

Thank goodness we are sisters and we will continue to walk our journeys together.  I will miss you deeply at work and wish you the very best as you take on a new role.  You will bless that world too and you will be blessed by it.    ~ Maria

From Anne-Marie:

Nine years ago when my sister offered to hire me, I was so nervous and so excited for the change and for the opportunity to co-create with her. We had different backgrounds in work and education but it was our core values that made us work so well together.

Maria, I have learned so much from you and I will always cherish my time with you. Thank you for extending your hand, providing me this opportunity and teaching so much on how to work with meaning and to lead with your heart.