It’s a YES!! Sexual Assault Centre London & Women’s Community House to Become One Organization

June 23, 2016 Blog

It’s been a great two-year journey to facilitate the coming together of these two incredible organizations in our community.  Working with the leadership, we developed a co-design process where the voices of those with lived experience were at the forefront of our efforts.  We were all transformed by the intentional experience of attentive listening and together co-creating recommendations that form the heart of this work.  So grateful to be a part of this journey….and look forward to the next chapter with them.   ~ Maria


Here is the media release….

On June 22, 2016 at the joint Board of Directors’ meeting of Sexual Assault Centre London and Women’s Community House, both Boards unanimously agreed to become one organization!  Driven by the idea that better services could be provided for those impacted by woman abuse and sexual violence and after two years of careful study and relationship-building across the two organizations, it was decided to move ahead and become a unified organization!

In the words of the Boards of Directors chairs:

“We know that we will be stronger together!  The time is now for us to strengthen our presence in our community and continue to create communities of safe spaces and advocate for social and political change.” [Jennifer Noel, Chair, Sexual Assault Centre London]

“We dream of an inclusive world of shared power where everyone lives freely without fear of violence.  We believe that together, and with our many partners and those with lived experience, we can make this vision a reality!  We are excited about this possibility! [Anne Baxter, Chair, Women’s Community House]

Over the coming months they will begin the integration process and will be moving toward full unification by October 31, 2016 with the public launch in January 2017.

It has been confirmed by both Boards that as of October 31, 2016, Kate Wiggins will be the Executive Director of the new organization and Jane McGregor will be the Director of Community Programs within the new organization.  Both Kate and Jane express excitement at the opportunity of working together in leadership roles for the new organization.  Until October 31, 2016 they will remain in their current roles.

The Boards believe that the together they will be able to deliver better service for those impacted by woman abuse and sexual violence.  The expected outcomes are:

  • Better navigation and increase accessibility – less confusion about where to go for help
  • Increase in public education resulting in greater awareness regarding the impact of woman abuse and sexual violence
  • Broader continuum of services offered to people who experience woman abuse or sexual violence – more service options
  • More people who experience woman abuse or sexual violence are served
  • Better services for children impacted by woman abuse or sexual violence

The Boards of Directors express deep gratitude to all those who have assisted and supported them along this journey.  There is great excitement about what lies ahead!