Health Links: Coordinated Care for Best Client Outcomes

October 15, 2018 Uncategorized

What a pleasure it has been working with Health Links of Lambton County Lake Huron! The project we undertook with them was to create communication materials that let clients and providers know about Health Links and how it can support them. As part of this process I sat down with case managers and clients to hear about their experiences with Health Links. The heartfelt stories they told were truly moving. Both clients and case managers spoke of the connection they felt with each other, the support they gave each other and the positive impact of Health Links on their lives.

Each client I spoke with had a unique story that revealed their struggle with their health and health care. One spoke of going to emerge every other day, another spoke of hospital stays that lasted months, and another told me about the difficultly they had finding transportation to and from their multiple appointments every week. Each client had goals that were also different; one wanted to feel less anxious, another wanted to remain at home, and another wanted to learn how to type so she could write a book! They were so inspiring! One thing they all had in common was how Health Links had helped them and how since using Health Links they felt more at ease and more confident in their care.

What struck me most was how enthusiastic these clients were to spread the word about Health Links; they wanted others to have the same support they do. They opened their homes and their hearts to me and I was so touched and grateful to have the opportunity to get to know them and to learn from them.

Thank you to these wonderful people and the people of Health Links Lambton County Lake Huron for all that you do!

Below are videos created as part of this project that tell the stories of some of the clients I had the pleasure of interviewing. Enjoy!


HealthLinks Videos

Health Links:  “You’re Not Alone Anymore” (Andrea’s Story) 

Health Links: “Thank You for Being There” (Bob’s Story) 

Health Links:  “If I Need the Help, It’s There” (Heather’s Story) 

Health Links:  “Filling in the Missing Links”