In Gratitude

December 21, 2018 Uncategorized

During challenging times, it can be harder to keep holding on to hope. As we pause during this season of reflection and light, we are grateful for the opportunities we have had to work with amazing people and  to co-create pathways of hope.

The Centre for Organizational Effectiveness relies on the participation of many people to achieve success. We appreciate everyone who contributes to our work through surveys, interviews, focus groups, and community consultations.

In gratitude for those who participate in our work and for our amazing clients and the bold work they do, we want to give back to our community and  support needs, both local and international.

This year, in honour of the wonderful people we have worked with and learned from we have donated to the following incredible organizations:








Thank you to all those we have had the good fortune to work with in 2018. May 2019 be full of opportunities to continue to build a better world for all.

~Maria, Gerda, Kathleen, Keri & Team